New Renuzit Fresh Accents With Giveaway

I like the smell of pine and have purchased air fresheners a few times with this scent.  None of them are as good as the 'real thing' but have been close.  Renuzit has come out with a new air freshener for the holiday season, called Fresh Accents.  It comes in two scents; Winter Berry and Festive Snow (pine), and retails for about $2.00. The holder is  3" x 2.5" grey plastic with a 2-sided see through snowflake design that shows the pretty color of the scented gel, especially when the light shines through.  The ingredients include:  Fragrance, Silica (thickener), Polysorbate 20 (thickener), Yellow 11, C.I. Solvent Blue 104 or Solvaperm Red Violet R (dye).

It's very easy to use-- just remove the scented gel from the holder, peel foil cover off the back, and then insert back into the holder with the exposed gel facing the front.  It is very light weight and can be placed just about anywhere.  It is recommended to be kept away from children and pets for obvious reasons.  You can try it FREE by making a purchase and sending in your cash register recipe along with the rebate form, which you can access here.  It must have been purchased between 10/03/11 and 12/31/11--so you have until the end of the year to try these out for yourself!

So how well does it work? Upon opening the package both MH and I thought the scent was strong and went through the whole house.  We have an open floor plan, so it doesn't take much for any smells to travel.  He actually complained that it was too strong, even after weeks of use and said he didn't care for the Festive Snow scent.  The Winter Berry I placed in our basement which can have a stale odor at times.  I think this one had a better scent and didn't seem so strong that either of us complained.  After a month's use, the decrease in scent is noticeable, but you can still smell them when walking into a room.


Three people will WIN a coupon to try out Renuzit Fresh Accents for themselves!

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