Snowman fun at 70 degrees!!

Recently I was at my local Target and I am a frequent dollar bin shopper as you can always find neat stuff really cheap! I came upon snowman squeeky toys that I know my dogs would go crazy over. If many of you don't know I have two dogs Minnie a pit mix and Chloe a Shar Pei who have two completely different personalities. Minnie likes the snowman toy because she can bite down on it and make of habit of it squeaking while she knows we are not paying attention to her lol! Chloe on the other hand would rather use its softness as a pillow and carries it around like a baby :) These toys were a steal at $2.50 a piece for alittle enjoyment for my dogs...who knows what santa will bring them in their stockings this year from target!!


Lorri November 19, 2011 at 7:36 PM  

AAAwww cute pics! It looks like they are enjoying their toys ;)

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